What is Midwest Modular?

Midwest Modular provides affordable, clean, and inexpensive office and storage solutions. We have a full line of ground level offices, storage containers, office trailers, storage trailers, and modular buildings to suit your needs. Based in Kansas City, we have been a trusted supplier in the Midwest since 1997. For information on leasing and purchase, please contact us at:

Ground Level Offices

Get rid of the steps and walk straight into our most secure and flexible storage option. Mobile, easily accessible, and strong, they combine office space with storage areas. Midwest Modular has a wide range of sizes and configurations, and can modify the interiors to meet your needs. Standard units come in 8x20 and 8x40 sizes.

Storage Containers

Although they may look the same on the outside, the quality of storage container construction varies considerably. Midwest Modular containers are made of high quality steel and are extremely durable. Don't forget to ask about our optional custom locks that give you the best protection in the industry. Make sure your valuables receive the security they deserve.

Office Trailers

Midwest Modular offers a full line of office trailers ranging from 4' x 6' guard shacks to 24'x 60' field offices. We pride ourselves on the clean, spacious, and environmentally controlled interiors in our units. Our trailers are a convenient and quick way to bring workspace to your job site.

Storage Trailers

These units are perfect for dock-height storage. They are also one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your items clean and dry. Standard sizes are 28', 40', and 45'.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings can function both as temporary and permanent spaces with all the benefits of brick and mortar buildings at a fraction of the cost. Many of our customers prefer modular solutions because they can be tailor-made to their needs. Sizes and configurations are virtually endless. Contact one of our sales representatives to find out more.